Sex Doll FAQs

Have questions about sex dolls and our company? We've made a list of questions and provided the answers below.

If you don't get your answer on the list, please feel free to contact us by email or live chat.

About Joyen Doll

What about your products' quality?

All products are realistic dolls for adults, which are mainly used for adult sex toys. It is made 100% according to real people.

The doll skin is made from TPE or soft silicone, which is non-toxic, harmless and tasteless. The product does not produce oil, no deformation, no odor.

Are your dolls realistic?

It is certified by international organizations and the dolls are most closed to human skin tissue, sufficient elasticity, engraving each face and every inch of textured skin by sculptors with 30 years of modeling experience, the simulation degree is over 98%.

Moreover, it has a highly realistic and intimate organ with a true-to-manufacture texture similarity of 99% or more, which makes people feel like a real person.

Are your dolls as flexible as real people?

The doll's interior contains a metal skeleton, and the doll can do all the actions that real people can do (the doll's legs can be placed 180 degrees flat). The exclusive design of a new generation of stainless steel high-precision double-rotor gears resembles the human body joint skeleton, which can be made like real people.

The shape and movement, durable, can withstand 1000 swing tests, not easy to wear and loose. Advanced research technology and perfect craftsmanship have greatly improved the experience of the doll.

How long will a sex doll last?

If you can treat your doll like your girlfriend and take good care of her. Wash carefully and store properly, and it is possible that she can last for even more than 5 years with the right care.

Do sex dolls have any toxic materials or chemicals?

TPE and silicone dolls do not contain any harmful, toxic or itchy material or chemicals. TPE and Silicone dolls are sterilized and made with similar components as sex toys.

If you had any allergic to silicone in the past, we won't recommend you using a sex doll.

Do the dolls come with the outfits pictured?

If it is not mentioned in the description or provided within the sale for free then outfits are not provided.

About Orders

What methods of payment are accepted?

For more information on our payment options, please visit ourPayment Guide pagehere.

What should I do after change my mind?

We will process the order in 24 hours. If you need to change the doll details or cancel the order, please email us asap, we will check it and reply to you soon. Here are more details about canceling.

Can I get my money back if I'm not satisfied?

Customer service is extremely important to us. Unlike any other supplier, if there is any defect with your doll on receipt of your doll, contact us within 24 hours and we will either repair or replace the doll depending on the level of defect if the doll has not been used.


All of our dolls go through a strict quality control process to ensure that these cases are minimal, although they do happen from time to time.


For more information on our Returns & Refund Policy

, please visit our Returns & Refund Policy page here.

Will I receive any order email after the order?

Yes, please make sure that you received an order confirmation email after the order. If not, please check the SPAM folder for the order confirmation. We will send you the order confirmation, doll factory pictures, and tracking information by email, so please offer us the effective email address in order and reply to us.

What if I don't see any order emails?

After placing your order, make sure that you received an order confirmation email, as our team might ask you to double check some details. 

Some email providers might send our emails to SPAM folder, so please make sure to double-check your SPAM folder and to add our email: to your contacts to ensure a fluid communication.

Our team will reach out with order status, photos, tracking number and any question that they might have, so please make sure that you can read our emails and reply with any information requested by our team.

About Shipment & Privacy

How long does shipping take?

Usually, you may receive the package in 8-15 days from the date you place the order. This is an approximated time, exceptions may apply. Furthermore, a delay is likely to be much longer than usual during Chinese special holiday such as the Spring Festival, National Day, etc.

Mostly the in-stock doll would arrive in 3-6 days after the order, and the custom doll need 3-4 weeks to receive. A silicone doll would cost more time than TPE doll.

For more information on our shipping information, please visit our shipping information page here.

Where will my sex doll comes from?

In-stock dolls are already finished and packaged well in the warehouse, they can be directly shipped from US/Germany/Spain/Canada warehouse.

Custom dolls are made in China and shipped from China.

Is the shipping discreet ?

Yes, all packages are delivered in discreet packaging, there is no specific sign or labeling on the box that reveals the doll inside.

If you do not want to receive the order at your home, we can send it to a FedEx/UPS store and you can pick it up there at your convenience.

What is included with a doll?

We'll ship your dream sexy doll, a bikini or lingerie set, and in some case we might add some other surprises or maintenance tools (depend on availability).

You can ask for specific outfits but we can't guarantee it. Keep in mind that in most cases our dolls have been styled with clothes, accessories and make up for photo display.

I don't want to receive my order at home

Yes, we can ship the parcel to your local FedEx/UPS location to pick up, please just leave us the FedEx/UPS location address in order, we will ship the parcel here for you to pick up. Please also call the FedEx/UPS to confirm it before the shipment.

Will I have to pay any import duties or customs taxes on my sex doll?

Although unlikely, some shipments will require the customer to pay an import tax to their country's customs office in order to have their package delivered.  Although we cover shipment costs with the package carriers we do not provide assistance with import taxes.